• moitreyee 60w

    Years back a country was divided when a group of people felt their existence is in danger. It killed millions.

    " In politics, what begins in fear usually ends with failure. "
    - S.T Coleridge

    Caution: Not something impressive, you can skip. I haven't put much thought into it, wrote whatever came into my mind.

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    Wrap anecdotes within your bones
    and run through the hollowness
    where their soul belongs.
    Will you still caress
    the sage green mistakes
    of your lilac kingdom ?

    Stuff mud in your pockets
    like biased media gulping politics
    where your ribs cry out in misery
    Will you still not burn
    the autumn leaves that fall off
    from intolerant trees of bigotry ?

    Bake habits instead of syndromes
    amidst blind crowds with 'standards'
    where your individuality suffocates.
    Will you still repeat
    self doubting yourself for people
    whose judgement barely matters ?

    Shape life without a wardrobe
    like the embroidered pottery
    where your fingers speak silence.
    Will you still dress
    As the saffron folk deity
    with an immoral fandom ?