• ___adi 54w

    Day and Night

    This is a tale about "day" and "night",
    who loves each other with all their might.
    Both of them have qualities which are extremely differential,
    yet the amount of passion they share is just unconditional.
    Their love is too unlucky and cruel,
    the only time they meet is for a duel.
    Evenings are just a glimpse of their togetherness,
    without each other they are always surrounded by emptiness.
    Staring at the pain in their lover's eyes,
    trying to comfort each other with their fake smiles,
    the level of sadness is so high that sometimes even their pain cries.
    Yet they somehow find hope in their despair,
    that tomorrow they wont shed any tear,
    but when the eyes meets their pair,
    they weep just like a kid does for a bear.
    Even the mornings need night to hear them cry,
    Even the nights need morning to motivate them to try.
    But at last in the world full of similar lovers,
    they will always stand in corner with their feelings covered.