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    You don't even feel to say
    You disappeared like
    the Sun hides behind the mountains
    But it doesn't hurt
    Because the Sun sets to rise again
    But darling you are like that Moon
    who peeps through the clouds
    and enjoys watching restless Stars
    who are dying to have a glimpse of him

    You made me feel guilty
    I made a mistake
    of believing in forever
    You are a wandering cloud
    And I am that bird
    who lives only with its soulmate
    whose heart beats only for him
    My soul seeks yours
    I have decided to create
    an epic of my life with you
    and you are satisfied with one liners

    Though I will complete my epic
    without you
    But I will never replace
    you with anybody
    I am not a soul of moments
    I am eternal,
    so my emotions are not temporary
    They are permanent
    They are deeply rooted