• angeljohn 8w

    Sensual Audition

    Five senses of mine, prepare
    for their auditions at the very start.
    For, the author of the day,
    sun with his warm wings spread
    judgements for each of the sense,
    without sponsoring any mess.

    First one to go are
    my black and white eyes,
    they open the screen and;
    there you go- just begin snapping
    every rainbow coloured-ticking seconds
    without missing anyone or anything.
    Until she herself falls asleep,
    to animate all of them in my dream system.

    Second participants are the elongated ovals.
    Sometimes, the creators of troublesome verbs.
    They are my ears, awakened
    by the sweet chirps of lovebirds around.
    They do emotionally welcome words
    good enough to add the background music
    so as to direct a new rebellious tale.

    This is an investigator.
    The lover of trial and error methods.
    For my nose takes in the fragrance,
    allots it to her Assistant-Commissioner: the Lungs
    to have a deep check and they sort the case.
    For its she, who's given a practice
    to judge any smoky essence
    without any further discussions.
    Her absence creates an odd portrait
    and also life wouldn't have a stand in his post too.
    As it's she who captures the O-Two.

    Presence of the next, is a must.
    For she serves the whole mane, with a trust.
    Toungue's duty is solid, but if she's hurt;
    she'll teach a lesson that's havid.
    She bares a moist to taste and digest.
    Finalizer of the day, she is
    and shares her voice to surprise, the world; whole.

    Last she is, aint the least.
    A smoothness she bears, thats crispy.
    Ofcourse, she's my skin who could win
    everybody's love like a dove.
    She's the producer of my beauty
    that's a little naughty and cutey.
    She feels the living and the loving touch,
    with all its richness and tightness.
    She deals every pain, a kind of a vacation
    wounds and cuts that's given to her shine.

    These senses of mine
    prepare, day after day for
    a sensual audition that lay
    to prove their dedication,
    for the benefit of my own future.