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    My heartfelt thanks to @writersnetwork for their kind repost. I can't express my happiness in words....This is my second repost by them. I am truly grateful to you. Means alot. This just made my day. Looking forward to more of it. I will surely try to write even better now onwards. ❤️❤️

    @soulfulstirrings & @isma_sheikh Thank you lovely souls for mentioning WN here in my post. I am highly honoured and obliged. ❤️❤️❤️

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    In the end, what the
    world beholds is the
    finest blend of words
    and emotions called "poetry".
    But what we all fail to
    espy is the ceaseless
    efforts and thoughts
    which the poet puts
    to present himself,
    from his mind, through
    his pen, on the blank pages.
    Seeking inspiration from
    even those things and
    occurences which do not
    even make sense to many,
    he creates a masterpiece
    out of it.He does not only
    see those pale blue, black
    and mauve scars but also
    feel them and try to make
    them felt by the others as well.
    Making those mauve scars,
    his muse, he describes the
    plethora of affliction and torture,
    leaving readers' eyes teary.
    Practicing epeolatry, and making
    writing his only religion, he writes
    to enlighten the bleakish hearts
    and rusted minds of all kinds.
    Being the connoisseur of writing,
    he writes the depths and heights
    which can't be seen but only felt.
    To write, when he lifts his pen up,
    his work makes people bow down.
    When he delineates beauty, he
    makes people believe in kalon
    which is beyond any skin tone.
    He is a poet and he is blessed
    coz he can feel even a trifle of
    emotion in myriad of ways.