• saloni__ 17w

    Miraquill is really a home ...
    It has gifted me some valuable treasures which I could never afford to lose. I am blessed to be a part of this family.

    Thank you to all for being a home for me ... For all your love and support

    @rjd_creations You know what you are for me bhai... I love you the most and will always love you... You are more than a real brother for me and you are the bestest brother... And it's impossible to live without you... I promise I will cherish our unique bond forever ❤️

    @fairytales_ Di , you know you are special... Thank you for being my kindest sister.... I adore you always ❤️ Remember you are loved always and you have me always by your side

    @tamanna3 Hey tamanna di... You know you are a kind soul ... Thank you for your love and asking me always how I am ... Loads of love from this lil ghost ��❤️

    @tejaswini_3 Bro , Is it okay if I don't say anything? You know what you are for me right? We share a very special bond ... Thank you so much for everything for always being there for me... I love you ❤️

    @arya_abhipsa Arya... I miss you here ... Thank you for always being there whenever I needed you... Loads of love ❤️

    @thesunshineloves Di you are the best... Thank you for always being there for me ... Love you ❤️

    @btslove Hey love you are kind and you are adored always... Thank you for your love ❤️ I purple you

    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz Anjali Dii .... You are the best yk... You were the one who introduced me to our puple fam... And you have always been there to read my posts ... But sleep timely hehe ... Love you ❤️

    @fromwitchpen Sanam we don't know each other well .. but your comments always makes me smile... Thank you so much... I adore you

    @/the97_introvert. Niranjana di... I miss you a lot ... You are one of the kindest soul I met... Stay the way you are and take care of yourself... love you ❤️

    @/taekook_maknae Hey maknae , you aren't here ... I miss you... You are the sweetest soul here who always stays with everyone and is always concerned if someone is not here... Thank you ❤️ I purple you

    Happy Friendship Day ❤️��

    #friendshipday #friends #wod

    @writersnetwork you are also kind hehe ��

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    Happy Friendship Day

    //Do you know how it feels when you are loved ?//

    When loneliness ensnare my poor soul
    You are there to bestow upon me your unconditional love and warm support. When darkness engulfs my soul and my heart cries out of pain you become my stars to enlighten my world with your serene and glorious light protecting me and giving me a new hope. I promise I will stay with you always to paint your life with different hues of benevolence and love . I will cherish our friendship till eternity.