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    ♢// Commingled oxymoronic odds

    AND it doesn't matter
    if you are a devout agnostic
    or a nihilistic theist.
    We are all wise fools,
    living a death and dying a breath.
    In this land of undead,
    every scenery is wrapped
    in bittersweet belie and
    beclouded bedlams.
    Here sauntering swevens are
    illusions of luminous bedim.
    Every soul climbs down
    ladders of leal and lie,
    an equanimous chaos,
    a nothingness of existence.
    Just to succumb to
    the dark light with a dull roar.
    Every confession and commitment
    is a loud whisper of loving hate
    and bliss is a piercing beaut
    no one seems to attract, yet
    ignorance is a blooming thorn flourishing
    while awareness is a weed withering
    Hence nothing can help
    rewrite the history of mankind or
    reform the fate of future,
    what's in store for humanity
    is merciful wrath.