• honeyedmaryam 13w


    One day on a whim ...he asked
    Who am I
    Am I the moon or the Shadow in it ?
    Can anyone tell me where I stand
    Have I chosen the right path?
    He asked
    I fear those close to me
    Will they betray me?

    Am I the ashes or the raging fire ?
    Am I the air or it's wave
    Should I bear my soul or break my heart ?
    Can anyone tell me who I am
    Do I have a purpose?
    Does my existence even matter?
    Should I keep fighting or give up? He asked
    Whose shoulder do I cry on
    Who is there to lay my head upon ...he cried

    I've found myself
    I'm one with myself
    The world taunts
    I'll abandoned all ties with you
    Why do the big world suddenly seemes to small
    Suddenly my hair has learnt to bounce
    Suddenly my stain have learnt to vanish
    Suddenly the window have begun to tickle me
    Suddenly the chairs have begun to tickle me
    Suddenly my wailing heart begun to roar like anĀ 
    hungry lion
    Suddenly every little thing is bringing me joy!