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    It is with many tears and a grieving heart I share my thoughts today. Recently hearing the news of Jack's passing it has saddened me greatly. He was humble and undoubtedly kind of heart, of strong faith and with sound integrity. I miss him as though the dawn might her morning birdsong, an empty sky devoid of colour and music. Prayers and love across the ocean to his Mom and family and dear friends. Jack was an inspiration to so many here, supporting new writers and encouraging everyone he was fortunate enough to read.

    This poem here was his very favourite of mine. He told me many times how it gave him peace and changed him in ways he couldn't explain and would go back to revisit and read it over again. Often he would direct other poets so they could enjoy it too. Countless conversations we had with much admiration and respect for each other and for the love and craft of poetry. He adored my style of free verse as I loved his way with words hence renowned as the much admired Haiku King.

    My darling Jack these words are eternally yours and I dearly hope they continue to bring you peace in the hereafter. In God's arms and my love, always your dearest Dale

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    Long after my last breath
    You will still hear my voice
    In my poetry
    Reaching out with my words
    Telling you I love you
    Nurturing your growth
    Encouraging with verse
    Cheering louder than the crowd

    A constance for your bright days and dark
    In every instance
    Seeing only the best of you
    Gripping your hand when you need it most
    Cradling when you stumble
    Buoying your spirits when desolate

    And when you feel
    the coolness of the breeze
    At your back in the eve
    Tis a whisper of hope for your every tomorrow

    That sweetness in the air
    Lingering for a moment
    teasing your senses without reason
    A reminder I am always here

    That swelling in your chest
    as the day dawns
    Abundance aboding in your heart
    This is the love I leave with you
    For always now
    And till always then

    ~ Josie A Kerr