• jeelpatel 27w

    Overlooked quakes

    Mankind has travelled, orthodoxy to modernism
    Have tossed pennies, and crave for dollar notes
    They grow around the world, like lichen on stones
    Still evolution, couldn't unfold itself, in ill mindsets
    Time comes, they fall flat face, on neglected floor

    Hungry fire on cars, narcissistic faces, impulsive proof
    Of our half dignified awareness, threats to politics
    Votes don't value voters, after election cheers wine
    Backdoor deals, for transient needs, sold rights
    For giver and taker, leave country behind, in greed

    Painted walls, by spray colour, for striking slogans
    Purpose to transmit, predicaments of society
    Rage and damage pierce through hues, to eyes
    Overlooked it gets, by careless vision, hasty walks
    Mere burst'd fireworks of nicotine stains, replace wall

    Morning magazines, have left the crisp of suspense
    As readers, part of crime city, being persistent
    Creases of pages hide humans' shameless sides
    Where, targeted childhood, confined in iron caves
    No death, no mercy they'll get, but pain in between

    In bits, era reveals lost ikigai, in burning issues
    Our facilitated side of world, seems unknown to it
    Steadiness under feet, makes us forget about quakes
    But they still exist, they still engulf happy homes
    Just destiny gifts you safe square, world ain't square