• harvest_of_mind 74w

    Dedicated to all the underprivileged; Deprived by... man, destiny and God.

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    Weed shall bloom

    I am a weed,
    unwanted, uncared for.
    Millions of my brethren perish..
    by hunger and thirst..
    forced upon us..
    by man, destiny and God.
    We are called invaders..
    in the privileged land,
    dispersed by elements..
    and nature's hand.
    The world stands against us..
    calling us pirate's-band.

    You destroy us by millions,
    but millions rise again.
    You may deprive me, kill me..
    all your efforts are in vain,
    I remain resolute..
    I shall resurrect again !
    You may try your best..
    to push me to doom,
    but by the will of God..
    I shall bloom..
    one day i shall indeed bloom !