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    Word - lover
    Sentence - memories have wrinkled faces

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    Some chocolatey memories have wrinkled faces

    I was three
    when my father bought
    some candies for me and
    I tasted the sugary tang of chocolate
    for the very first time and
    my corsage turned deep brown
    while my lower lip turned brownish-red.

    I was thirteen
    when my first lover presented me
    some snicker bars on my birthday
    and I put them inside an old box
    to hide them from my mother
    but after some days,
    I found them in expired and dead state
    but their wrappers were there
    to stylize the pages of my history book.

    I was twenty one
    and he gifted me a cadbury celebrations pack
    with a heart-melting letter on valentine's day
    but I couldn't eat them
    because my health freak bestie said
    "don't eat chocolates,
    it contains fat and you'll gain weight."
    I looked that pack with moist eyes for three days
    and again their wrappings
    were pasted on my diary.

    I was thirty seven
    and my colleagues presented me
    a box of chocolates on our tenth anniversary
    and my son said
    "woow mom !
    How do your friends know that
    I love chocolates ?"
    I couldn't smile that day
    because my artless tastebuds were screaming
    inside me and I couldn't silence them.

    I am seventy one
    and yesterday I found some chocolates
    inside the refrigerator and
    looked here and there
    and tried to hide one inside my lappet
    but from behind, my daughter-in-law screamed
    "Mom ! Are you a child ?
    You know you've diabetes,
    then why are you behaving like this ?"
    Some teardrops were strangling my throat
    at three am
    and his portrait was smiling
    from the corner of my room.

    ~o darling ! some chocolatey memories
    have wrinkled faces too

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