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    Here I come after a long time! Hope you guys are all well and still poetic ;-) . So it's been atleast three weeks ( that's too much of a break for me, how can I abandon mirakee!) and what better than writing something for my friends who have brightened my life online and offline! Hope you like it!


    ~Avars In December~

    'Twas arcane–that toneless Aita,
    Dolent; as the snowy storm tucked,
    Soulless; as the dark night caelum–
    Waiting–for the summer zephyr,

    For aeons flew; ain't a melody heard,
    Avars of autumn– the winter saw,
    Till it glimmered; the léas amidst leaves,
    Dreamy and orphic; the spring pranced,

    Born were boughs of cheery cassias,
    With its ballad–the songbird crooned,
    Honeysuckles; did they blossom on, and–
    The stony winter heart; melted at once,

    The apricity beamed down, on the kaira,
    Effleuraged the rays–on the marmoris,
    A Zion; blessed by Asteria bloomed,
    An universe–drenched in concinnity,

    Fadó it willed; the paradise professed,
    From ukiyo–a dewdrop of relief and amor,
    From whence did thou come; so jaunty?
    Nay, why didn't thou come– in wintertide?

    When the saudade diffuses it's aroma,
    In an amorist–an hygge paints the mark,
    As thou unbolted the doors; so pensive,
    We thrive amidst; as that leal komorebi,
    As flakes of love– as a miracle in December


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    Avars In December