• absynth 28w


    Trying to fit in
    Was never a walk in the park
    Because somewhere I knew who I was deep within
    But that made matters only worse.
    The icy saturn rings of my alien origins
    Always cordoned off all traces of warmth
    Even as the sun blazed down on my skin
    And seeped into my bones.

    A cosmic recipe I was turned into
    Inside a human body with clay for dough,
    I moved the way that the wind blew
    Till my breaths condensed onto a glass window.
    The thought of one day bidding adieu
    To this competitive cookery show
    Always clouded the the wonder of something new
    And the aroma of my kitchen garden arose from trampling the flowers that grew.

    Now forgiveness is said to be that fragrance
    That a violet sheds on a foot
    That has crushed it without repentance
    Under the soles of its boot.
    But I could never see the sense in the above sentence,
    Forgiveness! My foot!
    For this altruism is nothing more than acceptance
    Of one's own version of limited truth.

    All is governed by my perceptions in the end
    where the inner and outer worlds coalesce,
    I'm the center of my own circle with a soul patent
    That is just a forgery of my opinions and judgements.
    I can never see the angels descend
    But the falling stars have a conspicuous presence
    And to wear the holy halo on my head
    I first need to wipe the glistening sweat off my forehead.