• sundarcvc 12w


    Assumptions and opinions thrown around,
    In a continous spree,
    The ideas and beliefs which always,
    Never ever comes for free.
    But without a doubt we take a bite,
    Of the wretched fruits from the society's tree.
    Under it's shade we feel safe,
    Expecting to take a refuge,
    Funnily yet obviously we are totally refused.
    As a society aren't we together and fused?
    But their sarcastic smile said it all,
    It was I who had it totally confused.
    Floating in my own dream land of Utopia,
    Untill I fell hard in the land of dystopia.
    Each having their own trees,
    And their own fruits to eat.
    Shades are safe and fruits delicious,
    At the expense of their thoughts and beliefs,
    We are doomed to repeat.
    Planting your own tree in the society's soil,
    Will be nothing less than a humungous toil.
    For taking a stand makes their blood boil,
    The scorching heat from the community,
    Sometimes a sharp thrust into our dignity,
    But even freedom is not free,
    Gotta float in the perineal river,
    Of society's anger and envy.
    Until our seed becomes a tree in the river banks,
    And we can finally enjoy the fruits of serinity,
    Sharing it with others,but unlike others,
    We share it through with responsibility.