• gauranshi_inkspill 167w

    Some days I am the picture of effervescence
    On others I need you to change my muddy lens
    Some weeks I follow the do's in the list
    On others I drown in the dont's from your list

    Some times I can hear my own heart bubbling
    On others I hear the noise begin to close in
    Some moments I admire the reflection as we should
    On others I see shadows dance around till I'm cold

    Some days I spent in love, joy, hope and the fight
    Others, I wasted in destruction and lies
    Some weeks I spent thinking why any of it at all
    Others I know it's the big picture afterall

    In days and weeks and moments of these doubts
    I hope you find someone who knows what you've fought
    If it's all of us that fight, why isolate the light
    Just pull each other through, one day at a time

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