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    Echoes of you and I, of metaphorical sighs
    and duchenne smiles in verses, of caressing climes
    starry skies in a stellar night, I defy
    the alphabets I write in you, sensibly sublime.

    Bloodstains of murdered vocabulary
    in the white vehement curtain calls,
    with your essence and wildflowers, I bury
    the cavernous recital of you, in mortuary of sombre falls.

    You are shrine of my memories and bitterly baked realities I chewed,
    to visit canopy of lamenting oxidized oxymorons,
    when my silences was blamed in saffron sunset hues,
    you gave a shelter to my unheard voices, humming forlorn.

    In between maybes and what ifs of life,
    Poetry gives life to my quotidian existence,
    warmth of lullabies in my insomniac nights,
    filling the voids of longings for perfect words to write.

    Here, I == the poet
    You == the poetry

    #happy @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Edit: thank you @writersnetwork ��

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    Poet + try = Poetry

    Poetry originates when a poet tries to write his perplexed thoughts in few rhyming words, embellished with poetic devices.

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