• ananya_writes_ 36w


    You heard it too?
    The layers in your favourite song,
    Dreaming of the person you yearn,
    I see you wait out in the cold, since how long?

    Oh how stubborn you're,
    Hoping against all stakes of hopes;
    Oh how I pity you,
    Hurt and still standing, fighting your ghosts

    Who broke your dreams again?
    I see you mending your heart,
    To gift it once again to the soul you love,
    To be broken again, with the same shard...

    Crying, you reach me, to move on,
    Holding your head high, in your pride;
    The next moment, a memory of your story,
    And you run back, teardrops on your pillowcase, dried...

    The hand that held yours is gone;
    Promises those brought back life, sounded so true;
    Hopes you had, now hanging in air,
    For once fall in love, with the poem named you