• shrry_hurry 110w

    It was a silent night or it popped to be the one that day.

    Felt like the whole universe was having silent sex.

    Not even ohs or hoes. Then this happened. My senses took a second to make me realize I'm about to hit it out.

    Ooh yeah**

    Well not what yr thinking.... leme rewind and go back..
    It "felt like the whole universe was having silent sex WITHOUT ME!!"
    I can still feel the buzzing in my stomach, it's sensational.

    Urghhh I mean the sensation!

    1. 2.. 3.... I farted out... so loud!!!
    That my dumb grandma who can't even walk talk came running up the stairs shouting "huhh did yo hear the noise?!"
    And... After
    3..2..1.. seconds later the wave hits her, no reaction.

    She's dropped dead.

    She's A-soul stuck.

    Damn like she's always stuck. Her ear drums stuck, vocals stuck, her fridge is stuck, her breathing, her ligaments, her heart will soon.. Ahem ahem

    I dunno what's with my granny and her stuck bubble. The only time she was actually stuck and happy at the same time.. Was... with my grandpa. Uhh dirty dirty

    But, this one has to be the worse. I swear!

    And... After 12 minutes of intense soul struggle she returns back to reality, her still opened eyes n not so beating heart; Also shell shocked.

    She just muttered "Dear Lord" n.... That was the last time I saw her.. I mean I came out of the house popping out the bubble.

    Farting is a hobby for some people.

    That's how I started it.

    I thought I aced it too..  but errrrgh even my fart sucks.. . It's not that much of a pain in the nose. Irony, pain in the ass:

    But.. I’ve been trying to develop some more hobbies recently. I tried to take up sky-diving once. But I wasn’t aware I had to pay for a private plane and jump out using a parachute… and not just leap out the Emergency Exit of a United Airlines flight which I might.. I might.

    I'm imagining all these new hobbies and interests to get better , but even in my imagination, I suck.
    Sloshed n lonely n sad n depressive n so on.  Sometimes I think it’s best if I stay alone for the rest of my life.  So do most of the women I ever see. Feels like all these women and my imagination are the same. They are just outta my reality.

    Yeah reality sucks XD

    It’s amazing how dazzled people are by intelligence nowadays. If you use more than 10% of your brain in one day, people look at you like you’re an anomaly. And for those of you who don’t know what an anomaly is,. By definition it means unexpected or unusual.

    Just like evrything..

    This world, time, life. If you are 90s, yes first kiss, first sex, first porn Yada Yada.. Anomaly!

    Ever wondered al of us popped out of the warm belly sack and then fart shit together under one sky and fuck things up like all the other farty sacks.

    And... Finally ever wondered what is it about the big bang so boggling?!


    *squezzyy fart*

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