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    ~You are the best in the universe
    Evey cuticle of my body is inspired with your
    touch and you.The flow of ink in my pen and red
    drops in my vein sings your saga. ...When my breath
    fails to inhale and exhale when my voice gets mutte-
    -red when I swim in the perennial river of tears to sink
    myself in the grief you and your tone arise me. I never
    feel lonely when you are beside me. I know I'm a turbul-
    ent & stubborn child but you have taught me to be me. To
    be honest, truthful.I can remember the voice ~whenever I
    can't afford one rupee then why I will take one rupee.
    I'm tough cos situation made me tough & d scenario
    that I have seen makes me more tough than before
    /Mard koh dard nehi hota/// Man doesn't feel pain...
    It's a myth.. An irony.. As I have seen tears gliding do
    wn after my mom.. But I run from that gloomy face
    as I can't handle. I'm not a queen of disney land
    But I'm a daughter of farmer who fights with the
    sweat to fulfill my needs I never show my
    love towards you but I love you. I'm proud
    proud to be like you.I escaped by chance
    from the death bed when I was 8 yr.
    old . And once you had told me
    that /God wants to do somethi
    ng through you that's why you are
    here.And this is the line why I'm still alive
    and have to do something that will make you proud...


    I know I'm not good at art(concrete)... But hope you may figure out ��something

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