• _barbie__ 13w

    Some insane words from my ❤️

    Dear moon

    You bright side is known to everyone
    But very few people see your loneliness
    Some people feel their love in you
    And some felt their incompleteness
    You are a perfect example of being broken yet beautiful
    I wish we will meet soon

    I still remember that childhood story about you
    An old lady sitting beside you
    As a child ,you were just a shining star for me
    But as I grew up,
    You became a sign of emotions for me
    I felt myself in you
    I don't know why,but it's seems like I
    have a very strong bond with you
    A unbreakable bond
    I wish we will meet soon

    You are a perfect listener to my stupid words
    The only scenario which gives solace to my heart
    Your moonlight reminds me of my moon
    And I wish
    We will meet soon

    © _barbie__


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    We will meet soon