• thesagacontinues07 26w


    Sleepless nights, endless thoughts,
    Screaming to fight but it's just not aloud,
    Staring in the days at the light that fades away,
    Even the shadow says goodbye when I wave,

    At myself through the eyes in which I dwell,
    The reflection itself hangs me to the wastes like a belt
    The delusion of what's real and what's not,
    Has got me tangled up in these clouds of thoughts,

    Which rains drops of doubts in ounces,
    And when it's all collected, it pounces,
    Bounces back like spring, comes back twice as hard,
    And when it is thrown away, like a frisbee it finds it's way back to the start.

    Where is this stage taking me to,
    Am i a prey that is making it into,
    The hands of the fate that preys like a predator,
    I vow to climb the flight of stairs but this elevator,

    Keeps bringing me down to lower levels,
    Am i hard as a rock or small as a pebble,
    That can't be stoned on the ground or the lake,
    Amidst the reality, i find myself to be fake,

    Is this the truth, or am I a pretty lie?
    Am i reality which sucks, in disguise?
    Or am I the opportunity that got lost,
    Within the eyes that got frost,

    And cold shoulders couldn't lift the weight any longer,
    Shattered ftom inside like the shards of ice, it claimed to be feisty and stronger,

    Why, are expectations so high?
    Am I allowed to fly,
    Freely or should I be compared to flights,
    Heights that I can't hope to reach,

    But everyone expects so much of me,
    It's exhaustive and tiring,
    Then why am I not retiring,

    From this endless road of hope,
    Where I don't see even a light,
    Yet still I try make everything look perfectly whole,
    No holes and everything be seen alright,

    Meanwhile I'm a mess, I fear to give up,
    But I guess that's the only escape route I find not tough,
    I am not as philosophical and calm as I claim to be,
    Inside I'm a complete mess that is never at ease,

    In a constant change that occurs often inside,
    The nocturnal man seeks to sleep at night,
    Because he's tired of waking up to reality,
    Perfect on the outside, from inside it's a fallacy.