• blue_story 24w


    Trying to change me...
    You tired about about my name,
    Or you're just trying to forsake me?..
    You just wanna hurt my Fame..
    Hundreds of time I tried the word FLAME..
    And it was perfect all the same..

    You tried to change my personality
    And keep the face..
    Then I do one of you kind
    And you change the case...
    You say I pretend to be me..
    Because you don't know me..

    What else do you want from me?..
    You say you like the eyes, height, face, my talents...
    All that was for gone..
    When you saw I was not your kind...

    Ama different specie..
    So don't try to mould me
    To be your kind..
    I will just hit the day
    With the perfect sense..