• rincythewriter 9w

    I wonder

    What it is to be loved or to love.
    Forsake the battle or just to be calm.
    I know I am not a normal soul,
    With normal feelings.
    I could suffer ,when my loved one swipes away....
    I feel the same pain ,when my friend suffers.
    I am a happy person but still
    The introverted life seems so practical.
    Without true pain how could I know true love.?
    Without deep scars how could I know what is life....
    To love is to feel the pain and bear for the loved ones
    To feel the sufferings of the people we love
    Is the true meaning of life that I have lived
    And breathing...
    Always I would surrender to love.
    I would always choose people over money.
    Hope over pain.
    Love over ego.
    Not now
    Not after.
    Share time over materialistic...
    Smile over hardships.,
    Thee and forever..