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    Sometime those side characters of my life scream poetry and i must listen them with a smile.

    #life #wod

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

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    i count the skies around me
    some were yellow, some were pink
    and some were blue too ; clear they were
    some were awaiting for the sunups
    and some were scribbling the departures
    and some were neither waiting nor redeeming
    ohh ! blue-skinned they were ;

    i found them neither innocent nor liars
    i found them as the side characters
    of the story of my grandmother
    they never fought with the king
    they never romanced with the princess
    they never demanded a page in history book
    they did neither scream nor giggle
    but still they did hold the fireflies of night
    and butterflies of the miraculous twists
    and without them, i found the story as an
    "a s h t r a y".

    ~of blues, stories and ashtrays

    ~bidya b.