• whizzdiva 29w

    A Complicated Girl

    When I look into the mirror
    I see a girl with smile in her lips..
    When I look again,
    I see a girl with so many problems,
    Who can never be loved with scars on her..
    I see a girl, she's full of mysteries..
    I see her fake smile and dull eyes..
    I can sense,
    a long story behind that face..
    She's a chronic overthinker
    She's very hard to please with so much intensity and passion..
    She fears the fire,
    but sometimes she becomes it..
    She isn't the best at being loved
    But she's pretty good at loving..
    She's hard to define..
    Her soul is too deep to explore..
    She's a complicated girl with simple needs..
    She can be a mess,
    Yet she's strangely beautiful...

    — Nikshita Mahakud