• for_my_unicorn 45w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn

    I know you have been lately busy with work. You are moulding with the routine and you have been handling everything around you so well. But among this hustle, there are moments where the pain washes over again and you feel empty from within. It will happen.

    At those times I want you to remember that healing takes time. Some days you will slip back, you would get negative thoughts, you would feel like not being there anymore and I understand. But love, at those times I want you to not rush, I want you to close your eyes and remember that you have been doing so well. You have been coping up with everything so well.

    It's not possible to carry positivity on your shoulders every day. On the days where you want to let down your guards, let them down slowly, breathe and tell yourself that it's okay to fall, it's okay to just exist for some days, tell yourself that you will again get up and slowly step towards living life. Shrug off the negativity trying to walk towards your mind. Just remember of all the love people who love you, remember how they love you for even just existing.

    Lots of love to my unicorn
    and sorry for the late letter, was pretty busy.
    Though my love and warmth would always remain with you.

    Yours, miss kindness ❤

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