• lovenotes_from_carolyn 21w

    Angelic and bright
    She's a beauty, no doubt
    Quite a talent, she has
    When she writes her heart out
    She's unlike any other
    She's authentic, it's true
    She shows all her colors
    Each beauteous hue
    Though in life
    She's oft challenged
    She's won every war
    Triumphant is she!
    Awaiting one more
    Though she's young
    She's quite wise
    Due to all that she's seen
    Now, today is her day
    Happy sweet, sweet 16!!
    ©Carolyn Glackin 7/9/2021
    Wishing you the happiest birthday ever @manasaa!! ������������

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    A very happy sweet 16th birthday to the awesomely amazing, wildly talented, kind and humorous, lovely and vivacious @manasaa!! All the best to you on your birthday, and the whole year through!!