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    "Unread Books"
    Vexations, Dejected or Weeping
    Commence ourselves Inking Unpredicted piece of Poetry
    Broken, rhyming or Free Verse
    Lyric, Narrative or Dramatic
    A tête-à-tête Betwix His Soul and He Himself,
    As soon as the First Paraphrase touches untouched Surface of a Diary.

    Writer's block, a remote Isolation
    Emotional state stays in Mayhem,
    The idea to Pen Revireing is Frightening,
    Phrases Haunting, inducing horror Sentences in Mind,
    Pens, An antagonist,
    Writer's block Make Author Ne'er to
    Inscribe Words Together.
    Surprisingly Writers Come back originating from the Scratch,
    And possibly end up with de novo book.

    The Book United with the Others,
    In a Dark and Silent Library,
    Placed in the Bookshelf as per its review,
    Only removed when it's Dusting Phase.

    An Author, battling against Writers block, Surprised himself by writing a Book,
    Wants us to read the Meaning behind every page he Wrote,
    He wants to heal Where he's hurt by Watching Readers, read!
    But instead the pages they're getting old and torn, with Spiders webbing.

    Libraries, Always Bleeding in Pages
    No one's gonna comes, to pick up the Torn pages,
    That pages which defined someone's Life one time
    Is now Flying in the Sunlight with the Autumn leaves.

    Old pages whole heartedly Communicates with The Sunlight,
    "Mr Shine,
    The moment they'll come to read my Yellow Pages of poetries,
    Will be the Moment when my Owner Dies! "

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    When the Time comes,
    Writers are missed in the middle of the Poetries, Quotes and Stories.