• turmoilmoon 16w

    Summer is baked and naked
    Let's dwell in the woods digging burrows
    There is remnants of liquids
    The sweat we out poured once in an ethereal big mood
    Hills dreaming out loud in seduction
    Whilst I lick the icy mystic waters
    Slithered down in tiny streams
    I'm branching out perpetually
    Whilst your thorns Pierce into my dermis
    Growing in and out of your mouns
    Call out my name in mid syllables
    Caves of you choking in this momentary orgasm
    Grab some friction of rocks, it's good to lose control
    I'm up above the clouds, ecstatically high
    Pull the trigger, it's nature's gun
    The rain wil spill all over you
    Gulp it in and let the rivers flow all over again

    © turmoilmoon