• jeelpatel 15w

    Pearls on the crabs

    Towers of paper towel tubes, expand chest
    When no elements, to challenge their pillars
    Normalcy snatches away, thy right to grow
    It ain't peace of world, mourn to living dead
    Who escapes all plot-holes of life unscathed

    Thou have painted your lips, with rainbows
    Which melts away, in snow fire of suffering
    Unnamed colours, your eyes gets soaked in
    For, thy sky is too monochrome to know hue
    An oath letter from 'em, shades of unknown

    Ceramic mug laugh, to slow night city voice
    Streetlights reflect thou, in lonely water pool
    Overlook'd vandor, try to sell thy brokenness
    Battlin' crowds, are thoughts inside thy skull
    Where you get trapped, in godforsaken hault

    Every shoe laces, ain't meant to be tied tight
    Few sways carelessly, to have you fallen hard
    Scar thou get, grieves on the giggle of faces
    Who didn't hold, the hand of thy thin stability
    But what's life if it ain't healthy struggle, alone

    Rooted windmills of will, at thy heart-coast
    They don't carry wind, since the first breathe
    To lighten knee bulbs, of erratic endurances
    There's mercy, in catastrophic tide and ebbs
    Crabs-stung you drown, thrown out as a pearl