• harvest_of_mind 70w

    Fictitious ego

    A decoration light's bulb-series is lighted,
    one bulb shines bright,
    the other one emits dim light,
    one twinkles off and on,
    another one is burnt and gone.
    Some are proud of their shining hues,
    a dull one is depressed and rues.
    Bright ones radiate with arrogance,
    flickering one's esteem waxes & wanes.

    A rose bud opens the baby eyes,
    glances at self and near-by.
    Develops sense of self-hood,
    then compares self with neighborhood.
    Looking at green buds, was filled with pride,
    beholding the prime ones..
    surged the jealousy tide.
    Watching the diseased.. was filled with scorn,
    seeing the wilted ones.. arrogance was born.

    An individual feels identity, ego and will,
    designer knows.. same life-line connects one & all.
    Same energy through all swirls,
    uniqueness comes from circuit-twirls.
    Sense of freedom is a magical illusion,
    as dark moon creates radiating delusion.
    Absolute freedom belongs to soul alone,
    percolates down to mind...
    to create a relative clone.