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    To anyone who would listen, ( I )

    Sometimes it feels like lacking of strength.
    Sometimes days off in importing love.
    When that love wasn't really a love.
    Some days I feel like writing
    Tearing my heart into a thousand
    Pieces of words.
    Sometimes I feel guilty of not doing
    Something, but still I don't do it.
    Often I try to cheer myself
    By watching the skies and birds
    But even in those blue pieces
    And beaky birds, I can find skeletons
    Shrieking for life. It's hard in times
    When you can't speak.
    There may be many reasons, a
    Million reasons for why you can't
    Speak. Because you're awkward to
    Utter that single word? Or that whole
    Composition of the sentence? Or
    Does the vocal chords sometimes don't
    Show support? It's hard to speak
    Sometimes in front of boys, or at the
    Station packed with a million passengers.
    And you are forced to convince a smile
    And press your words back.

    I remember once, from my own life
    Experience. I feared speaking a single
    Term. Either vowels or consonants.
    But I couldn't. That was when I was
    A nerd, or i felt like one.
    People asked my name, and I found
    Those words jumping at my throat
    But not at my mouth. And I couldn't
    Say anything. Sometimes they asked
    Me my standard, my school, my address
    And again I found those answers lurking
    In my lips but not loudly enough
    For them to hear. And then I beared
    Mum's thousand yells and anger throbbing.
    I tried to explain and yet again found
    The explanations lurking. They were almost
    Escaping from my lips when I shut my