• ckfilvan 8w

    #sometimes 0220905 @writersnetwork @miraquill

    O friend,
    Now that you've come to a place
    Which you dreamt of as a school boy
    I bring back to mind the sweet, brown face
    Of that young friend and brings me joy.

    O friend,
    You make a mark without smearing mine,
    Just how every true success story goes;
    Humility and love - keep always in mind,
    From effort and perseverance success flows.

    I've lost the faculty to write. Let alone stealing your eyes

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    Sometimes you feel like
    An abandoned house
    Most of the time
    Wanting to be peopled

    Sometimes you feel like
    You need some time
    Most of the time
    All on your own.

    Sometimes you feel
    Being invaded by armies
    Of sweet bygones memories
    That you've tried to kill.

    Most of the time
    Like a wayward wind
    Pulling down your walls
    Witnessing your end.

    Sometimes you feel hollow
    Like a broken flute;
    With not a song to follow,
    You are often mute.