• lovetangledsoul 64w

    I wish to be a child again....
    When I was been worshipped as a form of the goddess(9 devi) by folk around us. As in our Hindu culture, a girl child is being marked as a symbol of pure basic creative force.
    I wish to move back to those days when we used to roam in our streets in search of those houses where Devi pooja is being done and after that, some refreshments along with gifts we used to get...
    I still remember those gushing days when we had delightful gestures by old folk..
    Those days when ritualistic worshipping ish spiritual emotions is being done with our small feet by applying rose Bengal(mahawar or Alta) and a tilak of sandalwood paste on our forehead .
    I miss those days when on a banana leaf, we use to have a delicious meal with food items that are the favourite of the goddess( according to Hindu philosophy) kheer( a sweet made up of milk and rice) and poori( a type of fried Indian bread)
    And the most awaited one part...when old folk bestow us astonishing gifts like new clothes and accessories, toys, edible items like chocolates and fruits...
    The collection of bucks we used to have...!! Oh, heavenly...! I badly miss those days...!!