• poukii 58w

    Me : I wish, I was diagnosed, when I was a
    child, because I have harmed myself a lot
    without knowing all these. I wish, there
    was such a system in our schools, so that
    children like me gets the necessary
    accomodations. I wish, people get the
    fact that it not only effects boys, it can
    also effect girls and there is no such a
    particular look for it. But, when I talked
    about being different, people, even my
    parents made fun of me. I know, our
    society, doesn't likes to accept
    Higher self: ohh!!, So you are late diagnosed. I know
    it is very difficult to find out necessary
    support. But , don't harm yourself
    anymore. Take your time. Are you
    currently having identity crisis.?
    Me. : Ohh,yes !! because here everything is for
    normal people, everything happens in
    their favour. I feel completely
    disconnected. My chronological age,
    doesn't match with age of my mind and
    soul. I feel like my mind is that of a child,
    body of an adult,and a soul that is too
    old. You know, because of this never
    did I had any friend. I am not at all able
    to find out someone like me or who
    understand my struggles. I am not at all
    able to find a balance.(3)