• miraquill 22w

    A poem that describes or talks about an activity is called an activity poem. To write one, pick an activity and incorporate it in your poem somehow. The activity can be anything like running, cooking , drawing, sketching or singing. You can make the activity a metaphor for something else too.

    --Today, write a creative or fun activity poem.--

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    Once I fried a fish,
    That was a tasty dish.
    I tried my hand at meat,
    It turned out a real treat.
    I decided to be a cook,
    And bought myself a book.
    I mixed some ingredients for a cake,
    Put it in the oven to bake.
    It turned out really well,
    I was under a magic spell.
    I cooked some vegetables in a pot,
    I served them piping hot.
    My cooking was a great success
    Alas my kitchen in a terrible mess.
    Now my wife does the cooking,
    Her meals are of the best.
    She cooks with great zest.
    The kitchen is again clean,
    I feel somehow very mean.

    –Bernard Shaw