• mbyfdmk 33w


    Drowning as it seems
    i can't swim
    help me scream
    another day of black
    trying to hack,
    it's dark here
    let some ray of beam;
    Claustrophobic of mass transit
    i'm the pointed dart
    of sarcasm
    laughing faces and
    mocking mirages
    another earthquake
    twitching my rib cages.

    in squares, circles
    and rectangles,
    knitting a scarf good
    enough to strangle
    the sky is falling and i'm skydiving,
    with sputtering
    thoughts of endings.
    adrenaline and cortisol
    let me say it all,
    there's no fun hyperventilating
    volcanic craters are a nightmare
    and i find myself
    crawling into them.

    everything cloudy
    i want some rain
    don't want this rollercoaster ride
    so mundane,
    livin' on a cruise control;
    working on autopilot
    it's just another day of black '
    another earthquake.

    21-dec-21 11:10 AM