• naheen_zaara 112w

    It's been awhile
    I have stopped writing.
    As, I don't want to feel
    The things I'm feeling.

    I was laughing!
    Laughing in the situations
    Which were meant to cry.

    By Seeing my loved ones
    walk away
    One after the other.

    At my helpless soul.

    To make it easy for
    them to go.

    I want to
    Hold them back.
    I want them to stay.

    I don't want
    To be treated the
    way they were
    Treating me as well.

    They left and here I'm,
    Drowning in the ocean
    Of sorrows,
    pain and betrayal.

    As flapping Hands
    And peddling legs didn't
    Help me swim.

    I'm drowning,
    And people at
    The shore are excited !
    Excited to know
    Whether I reach the shore
    By swimming or floating.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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