• elibegario 44w

    "All the world's a stage!"
    Or so the line goes
    Many a foolish sage,
    Few to be prudent jesters,

    Topsy turvy! In this peaceful facade,
    Conventional wisdom bequeaths,
    A wreath of thorns, to one who seeks
    Bountiful golds, masked by fools

    To be able to walk,
    You must tumble!
    If you wish to run,
    Endure a paced crawl

    Because you see, my dear friend,
    The cosmos of wisdom hath long overdue
    Gaze upon the pens and swords
    The era of truths, undone by wisdom

    A bloody pen, in King Midas' hand
    Has naught worth weight in gold
    But for Aristotle to write with swords
    He must carve integrity in blots of dull words

    Blind your visage, amongst the center stage
    You'll see bloody pens, and ink blotting swords
    The truth should cleave, roots of the problem
    Carve out ignorance, or indoctrinate absurdity

    #paradox #wod

    @miraquill Thank you for the EC! ♥️

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    "Mighty is the hand that knows when to pick up the pen or the sword"? I say to that, "Might will never shed light upon the problem that would have us bloody with swords and eviscerate minds with our pens."