• lovetangledsoul 30w

    Past, present and me- A Sonnet

    Blurred past, feels like a rattling good story,
    I kept telling myself and others too,
    Is it real or just another fabricated allegory?
    Saved snapshots, as they're the only clue,
    Of all the grateful memories, I had lived once,
    But there are some more ludicrous stories,
    Whom I desired to end with benevolence!
    But couldn't able to, cause of certain causalities,
    Past drooped from the life in dismay,
    Just like scorched sand slips away from the fist,
    But couldn't stop too, so I permit it to go away,
    And agreed to recite these tales like some theorist,
    Blurred past and me, stuck in the present algebra,
    Creating ample tales to recite into the next era..!