• amyers 17w


    Its not my understanding that is the problem.
    You said you were toxic. I don't quite believe that.
    You said you were the problem. Maybe, but it's nothing we can't fix.
    You said you would make me mad on purpose, so you had a reason to be upset.
    You said you were always the responsible one.
    You said you were tired. I believe that.
    But then you said you love me.
    And a million quotes go through my mind.
    "Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want doesn't mean they dont love you with all they have."
    And I don't wanna give up on you. On us.
    You said once again you were the problem.
    I can't fix this. But you can.
    If you love me you will.
    You could be happy without me.
    I could be happy with out you.
    But we want to be happy together.
    I knew you were hurting. But you never opened up to me
    Like you did last night.
    I couldn't begin to understand the pain.
    But I understand the pain you've caused me.