• wildpoetess 30w

    Love unbound

    It took loosing him to finally find herself,
    Loosing him to know her true self,
    She was so he'll bent on providing for him,
    That she neglect herself
    Neglected her peace,
    Pieces of her soul she tore to feed him,
    Not realising how hollow she was making herself,
    She was smoldering him, he said.
    Couldn't he see the sacrifice, the torture, the pain
    She endured just to see him smile,
    She stood by him when he was lonely,
    When he was sad and doubting himself,
    His ignorance hurt her the most,
    His casual callousness ripped her apart,
    Day in and day out
    Her ripped soul bleed until finally he took himself and left,
    His nonchalance never changed,
    She begged, she pleaded for him to comeback
    Thinking it was her biggest loss
    But in reality it was her biggest gain,
    Through the pain she lifted herself
    Crying she healed
    She shabbily stitched her broken pieces together,
    She learnt to be her own PRINCE CHARMING.

    - Kashish Malhotra