• sparkles09_ 6w

    "Drowning in the saudade of aesthetic memories , yearning for the warmth of sun"

    And honey,
    In the cold mornings of winter,
    lying under my covers, I am drowning in the saudade of aesthetic memories, yearning
    for the warmth of the flaming sun....

    The way
    How he used to wake me up
    With his tender and loving kisses,
    Embracing me in his arms
    Making my heart race with floods of emotions

    The way
    How his face would lit up whenever my eyelids
    Would flutter open, revealing my
    chocolate brown irises that would
    Sparkle with hopes after noticing him

    The way
    He would teasingly smirk at me
    Making blood to rush to my cheeks
    And then he would chuckle,
    Finding amusement in my embarrassment

    But now
    He's gone, leaving me in utter darkness.
    While my crimson tears are flowing,
    Drenching my pillows, leaving them tainted With spots of my blood

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~