• lovingdead 201w

    Like the needle awaits a vein,
    And the pipe awaits a flame,
    Though my drug is different,
    I'm a junkies just the same,

    I'm an addict I am cursed,
    My hungers only getting worse,
    I'm begging for release,
    A rhymed and metered verse,

    My addiction's here to stay,
    No need to plead or pray,
    It keeps me sane and kills my pain,
    And chases my apathy away,

    I cannot hide I will admit,
    I want a fix I need a hit,
    To taste your words upon my tongue,
    This my habit I shall not quit,

    Caught in its web forever,
    Chasing words of precise measure,
    I lick my lips for more,
    Seeking eternal poetic pleasure,

    Across the great divide,
    A place our hearts do hide,
    In its pages our secrets,
    Where our true love does reside,

    One thing I know, a simple guarantee,
    In its grips I'm held, never to be free,
    I know none will understand,
    Except the junkies just like me.