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    Pay attention
    and you'll see
    how often you talk
    to avoid awkward silence.

    Since when did silence
    become awkward
    and constant, pointless chit chat
    become normal?

    Of course having meaningful conversation and even casual small talk have their own beauty and place in helping us bond and have a good time.

    But notice this: there are people who you're only comfortable having small talk with. Then there's some closer people who you have deep conversations with. But it's only the closest few people to you that you're comfortable being silent with.

    That's because through words, you can only share your past or thoughts/beliefs with someone.
    Through your silent presence, you share your Being.

    As you consistently become silent in your mind, your entire being (including your behaviour and speech) will always be spontaneously sprouting out of silence.
    Like Rumi, who would walk and whirl as words would spontaneously come out of his mouth.
    Words that people around him would rush to capture and record as poetry that would touch hearts for hundreds of years to come.

    That's the beauty of one who has dissolved himself into silent presence.


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    A true friend
    is one you can be
    silent with.