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    Is it justified to have it cost someone their personality to be accepted by the world? In the process of standing up to everybody else's expectations, is it ok if one might just end up losing himself?

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    Should hardships of life pose a threat on its veracity?
    The dawn paracitizes upon the former memories,
    Tomorrow is another day, they consoled me,
    So I shall wake up with a conventional smile,
    They wonder why I couldn't discover myself.

    So I exist in this world amenable to acceptance,
    Happiness be just another sweet myth,
    An eternal escape from the prying glances,
    While I detest sympathy, I do seek solace,
    Even if it always has an inadequate life span.

    Sometimes, covered in the immortal emptiness,
    I let it all out, if only just for a moment,
    If only to add it in the boundless list of regrets,
    In the avidity to be accepted by the world,
    Self acceptance lies in a state incertitude.

    The deceptiveness around sure is enthralling.
    It did deprive me of something really important - Myself.