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    I must take my spear of Picasso to Einstein.
    I must be knighted akin to this world.
    So they say.
    ''Picasso is a weak unstable ruler,
    Einstein is strong and constant.

    No matter the origin of the forge of your spear,
    Leave your lands and now move on.''
    They still say.
    "The country you dream to serve is weak,
    Go to the mighty ruler and bequeath your spear.

    Picasso can be just but not for the way you serve,
    Einstein is fair, you must serve him, don't you dare!"
    So they keep saying.

    "Truth be told, Mine spear is forged by Dieu solemn to serve none but all
    I do interest in The Picasso Forge of My Spear and I will to knight in Einstein's wars.
    But Serve I shall to none of these rulers
    For I plan to build a kingdom of my own stead
    Of knights alike with no direction at all
    But trying to find a place in the profound octet with no walls"
    So I say.

    "Have you lost your head?! You maniac rot.
    In this world, thy spear is worthless with no ruler at all
    For never has been a spear so mighty
    Encompassing the octet with no walls"
    So they shouted.

    I shut mine ears and tears and shed,
    "Is that the solemn reason that
    I must take My Spear of Picasso to Einstein
    Once and for all?"

    * The curtain closes and the tale stops *


    •Octet(here): It referes to the collection of the 8 planar directions of the world (North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West and North-West )
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    Take My Spear of Picasso to Einstein