• kaetkey 35w

    When crossed fingers
    cross their path
    with the hope,
    eyes are closed
    and luck is explored.
    How badly can you
    wish for something
    to happen when
    the longest distance
    your sight can see
    is a bunch of moments
    which within seconds seal.

    What do you even ask
    and how do you even
    prioritise your wishes?
    When your wishes
    are always something
    your sane mind knows
    would barely happen.
    You just don't wanna
    carry a burden of regrets
    when later you'll recall
    if you asked for it
    with any selflessness.
    So repeat it again
    and again and again
    till you'll have it by heart
    even after nothing lasts.

    I tell you how
    it isn't in your hands
    what happened then,
    happens now and later
    when all you did is
    just be there anyhow.
    And even if it was
    would you really do it
    if all you want to
    carry forward is
    balanced peace
    and nothing else
    as of nows?

    Things wither in seconds
    people drift away
    within feelings
    and none of them
    wait to bloom elsewhere
    where there aren't any
    traces of you.

    If ever required
    do ask yourself
    if you'll try your best
    find a piece of solace there
    and comfort the aches.
    There's no any if
    but a surety that
    it'll be the most ignored
    italicized yes.
    With curves and points
    that you should
    tattoo it on your wrist.
    When the time will come
    show the constant hands
    and you'll need not
    fake an extra smile
    after the one which
    is supposed to be
    a laugh at yourself
    under your breath.

    But the next time
    when you cross them
    don't hesitate to smile before
    saving it for later
    doesn't sound that good
    so do it already better.


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    Better luck,
    probably not everytime.