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    Give me another place to look
    Please allow me to turn my face away
    I'm old and wise enough
    To know that what I'm seeing is not right And young enough in my heart
    To be unable to understand
    Why this,I cannot fight?
    Why do I have to walk away
    My head hung in shame?
    A larger force
    Tells me there is nothing I can do
    Buut a great force
    (Lord, I believe that's YOU)
    Put this gut wrenching pain in me
    To remind me there is something
    I HAVE TO DO..
    How did this once beautiful land
    We All called HOME
    Become a house of concentration camps?
    As they rip your children from your arms They tell them...
    "It'll be just like summer camp"
    "THEY" say, taking your precious kids
    To large fenced boxes
    With a mat and ONLY
    A 15cent thermal blanket
    To keep the cold and loneliness away..
    When ALLL they were looking for
    (like EVERY immigrant before them)
    WAS a safer place to stay!
    Fighting against all odds
    Just to try to show their children
    There can be a BETTER way..
    Pieces of me are dying inside
    Because I'm afraid TO RAISE MY VOICE
    For These, the little ones
    Who have NEVER known
    What it is to be free..
    In sooo many ways
    One by one
    We take away their liberties.
    SO, actually
    Father spirit DON'T let me look away
    Just because it's easier for ME
    Then it is, turning to face THEM
    And their wrongful suffering..
    The good ol' land of the free
    And it's Governmental forced misery ..
    Give me the strength to look and to face These AWFUL truths...
    Help me find the answers
    AND the inner power
    To know what NEXT to do..
    May this prose and poetry
    Be but, just the 1st step
    In this on-going
    Yet Purposeful journey.

    Amen, let YOUR Will; Lord, be sewn!


    *"Give me, your tired, your poor, your huddled masses; YEARNING TO BE FREE"

    *quote from the statue of liberty

    THANK YOU SO MUCH@writersnetwork for the❤ and Manny thanks to @miraquill for my editor's choice!!����

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